Asia “New Retail” Forum 2018

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摘要:Asia “New Retail” Forum 2018
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Asia “New Retail” Forum 2018

The Asia “New Retail” Forum 2018 will be held on January 16-17, 2018, at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, which focuses on customer-led, omni-channel and digital retail.

 Reports released by PwC indicate that Asia retail volume witnesses the strongest growth, with an annual increase rate of 4.6%; and by 2018, it is estimated that Asia retail sales will exceed USD 10 trillion. The Asia market especially that of China, is on the waves of “New Retail”. As the second largest retail market, Southeast Asia is experiencing the reconstruction and revolution of “New Retail” business ecosystem as well.


In the “New Retail” era, remodeling the eco-structure and ecosphere of business, and deeply integrating the online service, offline experience and modern logistics are the mainstreams of retail revolution of the Internet era. The core driving force of “New Retail” revolution is digitalization. To subdue the “New Retail”, retailers shall embrace new technology, upgrade customer experience, innovate product service, optimize operation efficiency, and build new retail format.


Taking “customer- led omni-channel digital retail” as its gist, the summit communicates with hundreds of retail enterprises from e-commerce, supermarkets, convenience stores, retailers, supply chain solutions, and “New Retail” solutions on the opportunity and challenge facing the “New Retail” era.


The Asia “New Retail” Forum aims bring about 120+ business leader and marketing researchers to analyze the “New Retail” market and situation. And the enterprise from different industries will illustrate their new practice about “New Retail”, such as digital store, omni-channel digital supply chain and block chain. This platform will be a great communication platform to get deep understanding of market and business networking.

The event topics will include:

ØInsights on the future of Asia “New Retail”

ØBorder-crossing integration ,build China’s “New Retail” model

ØJD Intelligent Logistics Integration-a Case Study

ØBuild the Experiential “New Retail”

ØPanel Discussion: On the waves of “New Retail”, how can retailers reinforce the omni-channel 


ØDigital content marketing revolution

ØHow can tourism enterprises touch consumers to improve the customer conversion rate

ØBuild the shared “New Retail”

Ø“New Retail” exploration and practice of China prescription drug

ØAsia cross-border e-commerce “Super Product” era, block chain assists in the construction of brand integrity system

ØOnline alliance, rebuild Asia digital eco-system


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